Standards and Guidelines

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Resource Suite

The University Construction Management Council (UCMC) BIM Subcommittee has developed a set of resources to support Harvard stakeholders who are learning about and using BIM. The complete suite is available on the Building Information Modeling page.

Beginners may find it helpful to start with the Introduction to BIM and progress sequentially to the BIM Uses Guide. Others may start with the BIM Procurement Guide, flip back to the BIM Uses Guide, and then jump to the BIM Execution Planning (BEP associated MS Excel templates are avalable to Harvard affiliates by request).

Green Building Standards

The Harvard Green Building Standards are a critical component of the University's sustainability commitment, including our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the maximum practicable rate. They include process-oriented requirements to ensure that all sustainable design and operations opportunities are vetted and that performance requirements are achieved in a cost-effective manner. The Standards apply to all capital projects (new construction and major renovations) over $100,000 and should be included in all Request for Proposals.

» Green Building Standards

Transportation Guidelines

The Harvard Transportation Guidelines are intended to inform transportation decisions as part of the planning process for new capital projects. While the Cambridge campus already prioritizes pedestrians over vehicles, other modes of transportation such as bicycles and transit are also important components of Harvard's overall transportation network. The Guidelines seek to promote the use of non-auto modes of transportation on a coordinated campus-wide basis. Project planners and managers are encouraged to use the guidelines to improve the transportation components of specific projects.

» Transportation Guidelines Document (PDF, 67.7Mb)

Capital Project Closeout Requirements

These documents are for the use of Harvard project managers or other Harvard representatives managing a capital building project (a project with a budget of $100,000 or greater). These guidelines provide a complete list of materials to be delivered to the PIRC at the close of a capital project. This document also includes the transmittal form due at the time of drop-off.   

»Closeout Requirements (PDF or Word)

Closeout Delivery Policies
   »Please contact the PIRC directly to schedule a project drop-off appointment at 617-496-8275 or email us.
   »Close-outs will not be accepted without a completed transmittal (see requirements above)

Survey Control Points and Guidelines

»Survey Control Points and Guidelines - Revised August 1, 2016 (PDF)


CAD Standards

These standards are to be followed when developing floor plan, 3D model, or graphic facilities information. All CAD floor plans developed and/or edited for Harvard University clients should reference these guidelines.

Harvard University CAD Standards
   »CAD Standards (PDF or Word)

CAD Layer, CAD Title Block and Border, and File Index Templates
   »CAD and File Index Templates (ZIP file)

Space Documentation Standards

A description of how space in Harvard facilities is to be identified, measured, classified, and documented in CAD and tabular data formats, and how resulting work products should be delivered to Harvard.

» Space Documentation Requirements(PDF)
» Space Classification Codes and Descriptions - All Tiers (Excel)
» Post-secondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification (FICM) Manual (2006)


» Capital Project Delivery Guidelines
» Commuter Choice
» Transportation Guidelines Report (PDF, 67Mb)
» Office for Sustainability