Building Information Modeling

BIM Resource Suite

The University Construction Management Council (UCMC) BIM Subcommittee has developed a set of resources to support Harvard stakeholders who are learning about and using BIM.  Beginners may find it helpful to start with the Introduction to BIM and progress sequentially to the BIM Uses Guide.

BIM Introduction - The Introduction to Building Information Modeling responds to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Building Information Modeling. It is the first resource in the Harvard Getting Started with Building Information Modeling series.

BIM Uses - The BIM Uses Guide defines the way BIM can be used on projects.

Decision Matrix The BIM Decision Matrix helps stakeholders determine if they should proceed with BIM on a project.  Harvard Affiliates may contact Jim Nelson ( for the Matrix spreadsheet.

Procurement Guide - The BIM Procurement Guide addresses questions and concerns about integrating BIM into Procurement.

BIM Execution PlanningBIM Execution Plan (“BEP”) is a framework for strategically implementing BIM using consensus-built best practices, standards, and protocols. The process maximizes the benefits of BIM by improving communication and collaboration across the project team.  Harvard Affiliates may contact Jim Nelson ( for the Execution Plan spreadsheet.