Building Information

Harvard Map

The Harvard Planning Office manages the online Harvard Map.  Additional information can be added to the map or custom versions of the map can be created for Harvard web sites.

Property Information Resource Center

The PIRC is the principal repository for records of Harvard University's buildings and land, maps, surveys and asset information. The PIRC can assist in accessing maps, surveys, subsurface soil data, property records, historic photographs and construction records and drawings.

Space Information

The Harvard Planning Office manages the University Space Inventory  (Login requiredHarvard Only) which is a single database repository of standardized and current electronic floor plans and space information representing all buildings owned and leased by Harvard University.

Building Database

The Harvard Planning Office, in cooperation with the Schools and Units, maintains a central database for all Harvard buildings Building Data Spreadsheet(Login requiredCADM Only). Basic information on a building, a group of buildings or all Harvard buildings can be accessed by running the CAPS Building and Land Report in the CREW environment. To view the detailed building record for a particular building, go to the Navigator pane in the Oracle Financial Services environment and click on "View Building Information." For help on accessing Oracle, go to the CAPS System Training & Support (Login required).

Facility Condition Assessments

Capital Projects Services (CAPS) in VPF collects facility condition information for Harvard's buildings CAPS (Login required).

Public Information

The Harvard online map and mobile applications provide basic building information including name, address, and year of construction.  

The Department of Institutional Research publishes and annual Fact Book with summary information about Harvard's facilities. Harvard Fact Book