Property Information

The Harvard Planning Office develops, manages, and provides information, analyses, and graphics about Harvard's physical environment and surrounding communities to help the University manage physical assets, improve operations, and efficiently plan for the future.



  • Property Information Resource Center (PIRC) is the principal repository for records of Harvard University's buildings and PIRC staff can assist in accessing records and drawings from previous construction projects, maps, survey information, subsurface soil data, information regarding property lines and easements as well as historic photographs.
  • Geographic Information Services - The Harvard Planning Office maintains the University's geographic information system (GIS) which is used to create maps and analyses. The GIS group provides standard and custom maps, geographic data, tools to that enable staff to develop their own maps, geographic analyses, data development and 3D modeling.
  • Space Information Services - The Harvard Planning Office is developing the Integrated Space Information System (ISIS) which will be a University-wide repository of building floor plans and space information.
  • Harvard Map - The Harvard Planning Office maintains and can assist in making public information available through the site.
  • Photography - The Harvard Planning Office has a collection of aerial and facility photography.  Photography is typically flown every other year.



Jim Nelson, Director of Planning Resources
PIRC Property Information Resource Center (PIRC) services